Catering Service : Let Keen Bean Cater Your next Event or party!

The unique nature of our business and our location lends itself to a very laid-back and friendly atmosphere conducive to a public party setting. We reserve tables for meetings, allow small showers, parties, and get-togethers, and host large private parties. What your get-together looks like and how our space and hospitality fits with it will depend on your needs. Our offerings are listed below.

Catering... Here's the scoop!

For Catering Table reservations examples below

  • Community Events
  • Public Work meeting
  • Gathering of friends or family
  • Small group get-togethers etc.

Table Reservations are available Free of Charge. We do recommend that if you would like to make sure a table is available, please call ahead of time to reserve a table.

Please Note: This is generally for groups of 10 or less…Purchase is not necessary but is encouraged.
No decorations, no slide shows, no group sales, no outside food or drink.

Events Reservation

  • Wedding showers
  • Baby showers
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversaries

Tables can be reserved during normal hours of operation This is limited to groups of 35 or less.
Please note: There is no separate space available and therefore this is still a public event.

The Estimated Fee is $30 for space.

Choose below from our catering options for food pricing.

Please Note: there may be restrictions on decoration and outside food options.

Private party

Reservations are held after hours when Keen Bean Coffee is closed to the public.

  • Monday-Thursday – available after 6:30 pm  
  • Friday and Saturday – after 9 pm 
  • Sunday – upon request

Private Party Rental Options

Option 1
Price is $225 for the space rental for 3 hours and includes coffee and tea and a barista.

Option 2
Price is $70 rental fee for 3 hours plus the cost of one of our catering options and includes coffee and tea and a barista.

We  look forward to serving you, note: prices are subject to change without notice please see our terms and conditions contact us
for more information. 

Are you looking to rent the entire KeenBean Building?
We have an option for that too!

$225 for the first 3 hours $40 for each additional hour
**includes coffee, tea, and water plus a barista to make drinks at regular prices.

All pricing is subject to change please see our terms and condition

Call in to pick these up and take to your event, or add them to your in house reservation here at KeenBean Coffee Roasters.

a selection of 4 cheeses, grapes, nuts, crostini.
a selection of 4 cheeses, assorted cured meats, fruit, nuts, crostini
serves 12-15
Choice of caesar, greek or garden salad. Dressing served on the side.
add protein (Chicken, salami, beef, salmon) $10
Our main menu stuffers or wraps or a mixed variety. Priced by the half serving.
$4 each
Spinach Artichoke with tortilla chips
Spicy Buffalo with tortilla chips
Hummus with veggies and crostini
Dill dip with kettle chips
Homemade Ranch with veggies
small $25,large $33
serves 15-20
Your choice of loaded baked potato, broccoli cheddar, roasted garlic tomato or sausage gumbo.
add on bread $1 per loaf.
Assorted mini muffins and scones
Assorted bit sized gooey bars and brownies
$.75 per piece
Fresh roasted coffee with sugars, cream and cups.
2.2 liter Pump Pot
$9 (8 servings)
2.5 gallon Cambro $35 (45 servings)
5 gallon Cambro $65 ​(90 servings)

Small Bites

We not only provide Catering services, we can prepare these for you to take to your event or you can add these to your in house reservation or private party here at KeenBean Coffee Roasters. (off site set up and delivery available.)

choose 6 options

Seasonal veggies and ranch dip
$13.50 per person

Warm spinach artichoke dip with chips
$13.50 per person

Hummus with veggies and crostini
$13.50 per person

Basic cheeseboard with crostini
$13.50 per person

Warm buffalo dip with chips
$13.50 per person

Herbed sausage bites
$13.50 per person

Caprese salad or skewers
$13.50 per person

​Seasonal sweets
$13.50 per person

​Goat cheese stuffed peppadews
$.50 per person

​Chicken salad tartlets
$.50 per person

​Herb roasted baby potatoes
$.50 per person

Rich cheese stuffed mushrooms
$.50 per person

Roasted seasonal veggies
$.50 per person

Bacon wrapped asparagus
$.50 per person

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin
$1 per person

Mediterranean flank steak
$1 per person

Coffee rubbed roasted Tri-Tip with cheese crostini
$1 per person

Charcuterie board with crostini
$1 per person

Full Meal

We can prepare these for you to take to your event or you can add these to your in house reservation or private party here at KeenBean Coffee Roasters. (off site set up and delivery available)

choose 1 salad, 1 entree and 2 accompaniments.

Garden salad $14
Greek salad $14
Caesar salad $14
Tortellini salad $.50


Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin
Tuscan cream roasted chicken breast
Salmon filet
Greek salad $14
Herbed beef roast $.50
Mediterranean flank steak $1


Mashed potatoes $.50
Green beans and bacon $.50
Sweet corn $.50
Roasted seasonal veggies $.50
Hearty baked beans $.50
Herbed roasted baby potatoes $.50
Rustic mashed potatoes $14
Herbed beef roast $.50
Bacon wrapped asparagus $.50

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