About KeenBean Coffee Roasters

From our family to yours

All of our coffees are craft-roasted in small batches with a Sivetz fluid bed roaster. We love what we do and doing it well is our passion! Each bag is hand stamped, filled with FRESHLY roasted coffee, and handled with care! We pride ourselves in curating a coffee experience that reaches from connoisseurs to good ole fashioned coffee drinkers! Our staff dedicates themselves to cultivating the skills necessary to produce consistent, delicious, and conscious coffee.

"A shared passion for coffee, grew into a shared passion for each other."

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Tracy & Darrell

Montana Coffee Traders, in Whitefish, set the scene for the birth of KeenBean.

Darrell cut his teeth on fluid-bed roasting there, while Tracy came to town with fresh ideas about what coffee should be.

After the typical, if not expected, “up-and-downs” of a budding romance, including Tracy’s departure to Botswana for the Peace Corps, and Darrell’s subsequent pursuit of her, all the way to the altar, a love like no other sparked the notion of moving back to the family farm, and bringing the love of good coffee to the Ozarks.

“What a long strange trip it’s been” … now, HERE WE ARE! 4 great kids and 18 years later, we are proud to continue the pursuit of our dreams … and welcome you along for the ride!